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Granulator - Automatic Granulator manufacturers

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The GLX-15 universal full automatic Granulator is themost advanced home-made one in the world , which isdesigned and developed on the basis of GMP conceptsand characteristics of Chinese patent medicines and   biochemical medicines. It's widely applied for granulationin such industries as pharmacy, food and chemical   engineering, which is especially applicable for granulationof materials vulnerable to being decomposed and ineffectiveor agglomerated when contacting wet and heat. The grainsit produces are directly used for granule packets, tabletsand filled capsules.

Automatic Granulator manufacturers

Zhejiang Future Machinery Co., Ltd founded in 1993. The company has always aimed at developing Chinese pharmaceutical 

machine and surpassing European technical level of pharmaceutical machine, and researching and developing new pharmaceutical machine. Holding a concept of "humanism oriented and repay to country" we have continuously offered more effective, intelligent, lower energy consumption and more steady new products, which were praised by all levels of government and won honors and powerful support and recognition from customers.

Automatic Granulator manufacturers

Zhejiang Future Machinery Co., Ltd
Add.:Feiyun,Wenzhou ,Zhejiang Province ,China