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Automatic facial tissue box packing machine
Automatic facial tissue box packing machine

Automatic facial tissue box packing machine


ST-100 Automatic facial tissue box packing machine

Application range:

It is suitable for automatic boxing of facial tissues,square tissues, pocket tissues, cotton tissues etc. 

Five innovations of the machine:
1. High output. The stable speed can reach 80 boxes/minute.
2. Complete functions. The machine is suitable for various applications such as  semi-cover/full-cover, or high paper and low box/low paper and high box.

3. Rapid production. It only takes 10-20 minutes to change to other sizes

4. Convenient operation. It is easy to control the servo paper feeding and  PLC control system.
5 Low cost. The imported glue machine with a nozzle of 0.3mm is adopted and  the glue -spread is little.

Main performance and structural features:
1. Packing forms such as automatic feeding, box opening, boxing,batch No. Printing, glue spreading, box sealing, etc. are adopted. Featured by compact and reasonablestructure, simple operation and adjustment.
2. Servo/step motor, touch screen, PLC control system and man-machine interface . display make operation more clear and convenient. With high qutomation degree,the machine is more user-friendly.
3. The automatic material arranging and conveying mechanism is adopted to facilitate   linked production with automatic prduction line, which can greatly reduce labor cst.4, The photoelectric eye automatic detection tracking system is adopted. No boxing is  made if the bag is empty, so as to save packing materials to the utmost extent.

5. With wide packing range and convenient adjustment, fast switching among various    specifications and sizes can be realized.
6.Change of specifications does not need change of molds, fast switching among  various specifications and sizes can be realized.
7. Automatic stopping is available when the material boxing is not in place, and the main driving motor overlada protection device is used, so that the machine is safer andmore reliable.
8. According to customer requirements, the upturning type safety protective cover is adopted, which is featured by simple operation and beautiful appearance.

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